Examples Of Establishing A Relationship

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Establishing a relationship.
Counselor: ‘What do you want me to know about you?”
Stan: ‘I want relief from thinking I am not good enough and I’m motivated about going back to school. I’m also, open about getting a grasp on how to change behavior that is controlling my life.’
Counselor: ‘How do you think therapy can help?”
Stan: ‘I’ve started attending college and I’m working a full time job. I’ve been avoiding people for the most of my life because I don’t know how to act around them.’
Counselor: “Would you share with me how it makes you feel about being open and motivated?’
Stan: “They made me feel cautious but open and motivated about school and life?”
Counselor: “Glad you are motivated about school please tell me some positive things
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We worked on things together, I felt needed or apart of and most of all I could count on them if I was in a jam. I don’t trust people like that anymore.”
Counselor: “You seem to had a sense of belonging, significance and safety with the group. It must have been tough keeping the gang a secret from your family. I did that make you feel not letting your family know about a group of people you had something in common. How did keeping secrets relate to your relationship with your wife.”
Stan: “It played a huge factor in my ability to open up and talk honestly about my feelings towards her. I didn’t trust how she would respond so I thought it would be easier to avoid conversations about that could make her angry and unpredictable.”
The objective interview addresses the family constellation and early recollection of the client’s life. This portion of the interview coincides with Freud’s ideology. Allowing the client to express how their childhood beliefs contribute to their current thought process when standing up for himself. In the case with Stan, his family dynamics of being compared to his siblings effected his self-esteem. Stan’s early collection about a visit to his grandparents left him with the idea that females are unpredictable, harsh and uncaring when he responds to people (Corey,

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