Examples Of Adjectives Describing Your Classmate

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Register to read the introduction… 3. Tell the students that they are going to ask each other to describe themselves. Remember to tell the students that during this lesson you are only thinking of positive adjectives as we are thinking of nice and polite ways to describe our friends and classmates. Write the following question on the board: “How would you describe yourself?” or “What is a positive word to describe yourself?” Next, pair up the students and model the procedure for the activity. Each student will ask the question to his or her classmate, wait at least a minute for a response, and then write the response(s) on paper. Have the students ask each other the question and ask the students to write their answers on a piece of scrap paper. Give the

students five minutes and then ask the students to share information with the class.
4. Now pick a student’s name and write that student’s name vertically on the board. Make each first letter bold in color to make it stand out. Ask the students to think for several minutes about what adjectives (remember positive adjectives) the students think of that begin with each letter of the student’s name. For example, for the name
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Show the students how each line has an adjective. The phrase may begin with a verb but there is still an adjective in each line. Tell the students that we are going to create some art with the names and adjectives. Using some of the adjectives that they wrote earlier in the lesson, ask the students to try to think of an adjective to write for each line of their partner’s name.
(They may ask other classmates to help and share as this is a fun and enjoyable activity.) Model for the students how they will take a piece of paper and turn it vertically. Then, they will take a plastic stencil and trace each letter of their partner’s name vertically. (In order to share, some students may brainstorm for adjectives while other students use the plastic stencil.) Each letter of their partner’s name should also be capitalized in order to stand out when decorated. Now show the students examples of how they can decorate each letter with a different pattern—for example a solid, polka-dotted, print, or floral pattern.

6. Have students share art work with the class. Display on wall on bulletin board if desired.
7. Ask students what adjectives they learned today. How do you know a word is an

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