Essay On Coaching Behavior Observation

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For my Coaching/Teaching Behavior Observation I decided to observe the Grand Valley State University Women’s Tennis Team. Most of these girls aged in range from 18-22 years old. They are in season during the fall practicing 4 days a week along with traveling to go to matches all around Michigan. I observed a two and a half hour practice and getting to see a coach “in action” was very interesting to me. After learning about many different concepts during class, such as positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and punishment I was able to tell what methods the coach used.
The coach primarily used positive coaching behaviors. He hardly ever used negative coaching, which is definitely a good thing. I could tell that even the little things made a difference. He commonly said “Nice hit”, gave a smile, high five, or even a pat on the back. He did this to let his team know that he saw and liked what they did. This allowed for the desirable part of the performance to
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If I was a coach or even a teacher I think that I could improve by watching those around me. I know that punishment is never the answer and that the only time it works is when I am there and have complete control over the situation. I would always reinforce my learners by using positive reinforcement to make sure they repeat the behavior or action that stood out to me. I think it would be an important thing to make sure that everyone on my team gets along well with each other and that overall the team is comfortable. I would use extrinsic feedback with the players on my team. This would help them improve all aspects of their performance. If I was to use intrinsic feedback it would not be any benefit to them. As a coach, I would listen to what my athletes had to say about certain situations. I would ask them what they want to work on and how I can run practice differently in order to benefit

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