Bully Coaching Affects Athletes

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Imagine it is your first basketball game and you’re so excited to play and beat the opposing team, but before the game is over you realize you never played once. You start to question yourself: “Did I do something wrong?” “Does coach hate me?” “Is this how it's going to be all season?” You ask the coach what you did wrong and the coaches response is: “You aren’t good.” There should be stricter rules on how coaches treat their players because many coaches do believe that sports are more about winning than having fun. Many coaches do not realize how much damage they do to a player when they do not give them playing time.
Many coaches do not realize how much they are damaging a player when they do not give a player much playing time or simply just yelling at them. Mike Edger composed an article for The Sport Psychology titled How Bully Coaching Affects
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Sarah Orbutch states that to some players telling them that they are underperforming can be motivational or abusive, she explains that coaches do not now where the line between constructive criticism and emotional abuse is. Every athlete is expected to try their hardest and hustle but not so much that they consider suicide. This kind of abuse has ruined sports for many athletes causing low enrollment in many sports. Orbutch also states that “A coach has the power to make or break your athletic experience. Student athletes do sports for the fun and motivation not to not get playing time and get abused. Shannon Doyne writes about a video of a college basketball coach putting his hands around a players neck because he didn't make the winning shot, this is an example of a coach whose only interest is winning. Many coaches say that they would be embarrassed if someone recorded some of their “motivational techniques and expose them online. Coaching is a really difficult job and it requires a lot of patience and

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