Example Of Gender Inequality

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Gender inequality is a huge problem in the world, and discriminates women in many different ways. Borgen Magazine list 10 examples of Gender Inequality in the World; lack of mobility, freedom of marriage, discriminatory divorce rights, citizenship, frontline combat, custody rights, violence, professional obstacles, restricted land ownership, and access to education. There is a huge global gender gap, and “The WEF reports that women’s average earnings are almost half those of men… The average global earned income for women was estimated at $10,778 and the average men’s income was about $19,873” (Elsesser, 7 Important Facts about the Global Gender Gap). Progress is slow, and is often blamed on of male- dominant positions in states
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Under Taliban rule, women couldn’t go to school and as a result, the majority of them could not read or write (Tickner). Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist political group, and when they were in power from 1996 to 2001 they imposed Islamic law, which discriminated against many individuals but especially women. Since they disposal of the Taliban, women have gained political rights and the Afghan constitution has been adapted stating that “the citizens of Afghanistan, whether man or woman, have equal rights and duties before the law” (Life as an Afghan woman, Trust in Education). Women are not involved in the process of increasing their rights because they are illiterate, and as a result the government has reduced their rights when it is practical for them (although immoral). A law was signed in 2009 which affects several key rights of Afghan Shi’a women, and this occurrence shows the vulnerability of women and their rights, and how easily they can be diminished when they are not involved in political conversations surrounding the …show more content…
This has created more than 2.4 billion social media conversations about a more equal world, and created a shared vision for gender equality. “If women and men are a part of a greater whole, HeForShe can help free us to realize that it is not our gender that defines us, but our shared humanity” (Nyamayaro, An invitation to men who want a better world for women”). After three days of launching, 100,000 men signed up to be ‘agents of change for equality’. A French company said they were going to eliminate pay gap by 2020 of all its employees, Sweden committed to close both employment and equal pay gap for all its citizens, and in Europe alone all male EU commissioners and members of parliament of the Swedish and Iceland governments have signed up to be HeForShe (Nyamayaro). This movement is effective because many members in the international system are pursuing global gender inequality, and it has caused real change in order to give women more right in the world. It reflects a liberal perspective, because it calls for cooperation and communication between men and women, and states in the international

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