Example Of An Exceptional Relationship

An Exceptional Relationship
1. I believe the bond between a father and a daughter is one that is extremely important in the development of a young girl.
2. The goal of a father should be to become a male role model, and exemplify all the exceptional qualities he would like his own child to portray in the future.
3. I remember being impressed by my dad as a child.
4. He worked hard, he was in perfect shape, and he always seemed to be happy.
5. My dad and I are very similar, we are stubborn, independent, and hardworking.
6. We both take practical approaches to life and like to get things done efficiently. In this way we can connect.
7. My dad has always been extremely firm in his beliefs, and once he believes something it is nearly
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I remember sitting in the operating room, more scared than I had ever been, and my dad right by my side telling me everything would be okay. 35. As I was pricked, prodded, and prepared for surgery he sat by my side, cracking jokes, and trying to make me feel better. 36. “Everything will go perfectly, and you will be back on the field stronger and faster than ever.” he reminded me. 37. Leading up to my surgery, he would send me articles of successful athletes who had come back from injuries similar to mine. 38. These things, although small, are what made me strong during my surgery, and kept me motivated throughout my recovery. 39. My dad made it simple for me to view my surgery as an obstacle I could easily overcome with a positive mindset and strong support system. 40. With my dads help, I never gave up and ended up back on the soccer field with a starting varsity spot in no time. 41. Without his constant reminders, and support during my operation I probably would not be where I am today, and that is something I am very grateful for.

42. In seventh grade, I joined a premiere soccer team. 43. It was a big deal for me to make this team, and I was filled with joy when I got the email saying I had made
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I wanted to get better as well as impress my coach and teammates. 46. For some reason, as soon as I joined the team, I was having trouble shooting the ball. 47. My shots were not accurate, and scoring was an essential part of the position I played. 48. Overtime, I became overwhelmed by my inability to execute a simple task. 49. I went home and complained to my dad and said, “I am so bad at soccer, and I can’t even score. I should just quit!”. 50. I distinctly remember my dad sitting me down, and saying “You are a good player, all you need is some practice, do not be so rash.” 51. After that, my dad took me outside and practiced with me each day. 52. I worked on my technical skills along with my shooting. 53. Over time I began to notice a difference at practice. 54. One weekend, my team attended a tournament in Indiana. 55. We made it to the championship game, and I scored the goal that won the game. 56. My team swarmed me while I beamed with excitement, and I heard my dad cheering for me on the sidelines. 57. I learned that practice really does make perfect, and that if I work hard enough I can overcome any

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