Chapter 8 Quotes From The Crucible

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1. They denied everybody’s freedom they were meant to follow on what they wanted them to believe anything they wanted to believe was wrong besides Christianity was “right”.
2. They weren’t real they wanted them to believe that they existed but they said things to get the people killed even if there wasn’t any evidence to show what they were saying is true or just a false accusation.
3. Tituba: A slave that was brought from Barbados.
Abigail: She is niece of Reverend Parris. Also the leader of her group of friends
Betty: Daughter of Reverend Parris. Also the one that is dying.
4. Believes Mr. Collins that saw Betty flying. That the devil has touched her taken away her soul.
5. Feeling like his own family name and honor bas been smirched by
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Mary wants Abigail to tell the village the truth about what actually happen in the woods while she was just watching what they were doing.
8. A farmer in his thirties . A kind man, powerful of body, even tempered, not easily led.
9. Abigail and John Proctor had an affair when Abigail is working as a maid for John and his wife. Abigail wants John to love her because she is in “love” with him but he wants nothing with her anymore whatever they had together he wants to end it but she does not.
10. Betty is hearing voices. She can’t bear to hear the Lords name.
11. Rebecca Nurse: Was the wife of Francis Nurse – who was one of the men for whom both sides of the argument had to have respect. A land war between Francis and Putnam. While Mrs. Putnam accuses Rebecca’s spirit of “tempting her to iniquity,” when she thinks that Rebecca bewitched her babies.
12. The Putnam wanted a different a minister than what the Nurse wanted also when they were fighting for the land that the Nurse own along with when Mrs. Putnam believes Rebecca bewitched her babies while one survived.
13. She simply stands over the child, who gradually quiets.
14. They have silly seasons, follow the Devil’s mischiefs and they will wake up when they are tired of it also that you can never catch the child’s spirit by running after
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Abigail will tell everyone in the court that she and Jon Proctor had an affair.
37. She is fearing that Abigail will get her back.
Act Three
38. They want him to release their wives that are being held suspect of Witchcraft.
39. Parris says that he is mischief, also that he has gone to the courthouse to overthrow it.
40. The girls are pretending that they saw spirits when in reality they never did it was a lie.
41. Will give her a month to show if she is pregnant and if she does show signs of pregnancy and keep her alive another year until she delivers.
42. A testimony of good opinions of Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey.
43. They are either with God or the Devil that represents good and bad that they can either choose what they want between them or either oppose it.
44. Do what is good and no harm shall come.
45. Stating that Parris coldly prompted Giles daughter to cry witchery upon George Jacobs who is in jail. Also to get his land.
46. He is starting to wonder and question if everything what Danforth is doing is correct.
47. To pretend to faint in the court, turn herself cold, being attacked by spirits. She doesn’t have the sense of fainting any moment because there aren’t ant “loose spirits” attacking her causing her not to faint but want her to faint in her own

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