Examine the Patterns of, and Reasons for, Domestic Violence in Society.

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Examine the patterns of, and reasons for, domestic violence in society.
Domestic violence can come in different forms: physical, psychological, sexual or financial violence. These take place within the family or intimate relationships. Common views on domestic violence view this as behaviour from disturbed or ‘sick’ individuals, caused by psychological problems. However, this is challenged by sociologists.
The issue is far too widespread to only have an effect on a few ‘psycho’ people. Statistics show that 1/6 of all violent crimes are domestic violence. This is a crime which is underestimated by many; official statistics cannot prove how much it occurs because of victims unwilling to report these crimes out of fear or thought not to be
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Due to this patriarchal society, it is inevitable for domestic violence to occur as men preserve power over women. The male dominance within the government is why they’re so disinclined to deal with domestic violence. This view ignores that in some cases women are in power over men and could possibly commit domestic violence towards the male. It looks upon men as all the same where as not all are aggressive and oppose to violent behaviour, taking females side.
It may be difficult for a woman to leave the relationship they’re in, they could possibly be under fear that if they do eventually leave, their partner may go searching for them. There may be children involved so they may not want to split the family up. Victim may have excluded them from their friends and family so they have no one to turn to or may have been excluded financially therefore have no money to leave.
Wilkinson believes this sort of violence is a result of stress from jobs, money, time or worry. Although this may be true it isn’t the only result and isn’t an excuse to harm others physically or emotionally, not everyone gets stressed and not everyone is equally in danger. It is thought by Wilkinson that males are more likely to commit domestic abuse because of money; although this tells us a pattern, it doesn’t tell us a cause or reason for this behaviour.
It is clear that the most occurring domestic abuse comes from

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