Exaggeration In The Storm This Time By David Helvarg

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Hurricane Katrina was a purely devastating storm that left new orleans and the surrounding area in ruin for months after the storm had passed. David Helvarg describes the devastation that has taken place throughout the hurricane’s path in the story, “The Storm This Time”. The story starts off with Helvarg arrival in Baton Rouge immediately describing the relief efforts that are taking place to help those affected by this disaster of a storm. As Helvarg continues his documentation of the storm's destruction he shares some details that would be out of place in an American city. For instance, when Helvarg is explaining the M-4s on the open sided trucks, he shows how much of an exaggeration this is by saying, “M-4s at the ready in case the undead …show more content…
The dominant impression left by Helvarg is the pure devastation that the hurricane had on Louisiana. Helvarg stated that entire towns got washed away in the flood waters which helps in describing the dominant impression that Helvarg wants left on the audience. Helvarg also selected specific details to include into the story that were the most relevant to the purpose he was trying to convey to his audience. This can be seen when Helvarg only briefly talks about hurricane Rita which is another hurricane that hits a similar location, but it did not cause the same widespread damage that Katrina did. The organization of these detail is also important, this was done with four different headers that describe the different effects of Katrina and the recovery efforts. This helped to make the story easy to read by dividing the different topics up and allows for his purpose to be conveyed to his audience. Lastly Helvarg provided vivid sensory language to help describe the setting or New Orleans and what they had just gone through. The amount of descriptive adjectives Helvarg uses is immense and this helps the audience understand what it looked like in the aftermath of the storm. An example of this is when Helvarg describes the Superdome saying, “The rusted ruined roof of the Superdome inspires me to choose an exit…” Helvarg’s word choice helps his audience get a picture of what the Superdome really looked like further conveying his purpose. These key descriptive strategies helped this story fit the author's purpose to his audience and make a detailed and descriptive

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