Everyday Use Alice Walker Analysis

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A short story written by Alice Walker which must be one of the most creative stories I have ever read especially regarding to the era that it was written in. ‘Everyday use was written in the year of 1973. This short story was written based upon individualism and family heritage. The effort and creativity as well as the amount of thought that was put into this piece was one of a kind. I believe that Alice Walker creates Intriguing stories that draws you closer to your interest in her writing pieces. I am writing this paper to analyze sections of the short story which includes the plot,theme,types of characters,narration,and literary devices used to format the story. When reading fictional stories and literature the use of different characters varies, some examples include major or central characters. These characters revolve around the resolution and conflict. Minor characters help the plot to evolve and dynamic characters change over time. In “Everyday Use” Mrs. Johnson was …show more content…
In this case colloquial diction is used by the narrator or in other words slang. the writer gives the narrator a voice when slang is used to tell the story in her own way. The use of colorful language specialized and phrases brings more of a realistic outlook to the story.

The narrator uses her own language and style to format it as well. Some examples given are “dasher” and “churn top.” Since this story takes place back then mama makes up her own language. For instance, “crabber” was used to primarily describe the sour milk in the churn (74). The writing style of Walker seems to be conversational, for example Mrs. Johnson speaks to the readers directly. “You’ve no doubt seen those tv shows where the child was “made” is confronted,” (70). The writer uses this style to bring the readers in more while reading the

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