Essay On Youth Sports Development

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The Evolution Of Youth Sports Development Over the past few decades sports have continued to elevate, evolve, and most of all develop especially in the youth of this age. Many children tend to play only one sport, and limit themselves from the endless possibilities that they may have as a young athlete. This is considered a problem, because by playing only one sport only limits yourself from achieving greater heights as a young athlete. Young children should be trying to play as many sports as possible for not only physically, but also mentally, and socially. For many reasons.These categories can turn young kids into great athletic leaders at a young age. Young children that play multiple sports will develop physically, mentally, and socially more than kids that play only single sports. Some young athletes will grow in the mental aspect of playing multiple sports. Although is a good thing for a young children to develop at a young age. This helps develop them with an athletic drive to never give up, and keep working …show more content…
This can help improve their confidence, work ethic, and to have that big drive to push beyond their limits. Young youth having those attributes at a young age can tie into not only into sports itself, but into life in general. "It was just because I love sports. I think that each sport helps the other one because you're always staying in shape, you're always competing, you're learning how to win and you're learning how to compete," Stockstill said about why he has continued to play more than one sport. "And I think it's a love for the game that makes you want to play as many sports as you can” (Lukitic). Playing a multiple sport helps builds confidence overall as a player (Chelsea Eytel). The confidence of a young child that is becoming more active in multiple sports. Will grow more than a child that is becoming a single sport

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