Evolution And Interpretation Of The United States Constitution

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The Evolution and Interpretation of the United States Constitution
On July 4, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed and The United States of America declared itself a separate and independent nation. On June 21, 1788 the United States Constitution was made official, replacing the Articles of Confederation. Since its ratification, the Constitution has been amended several times in order to better apply to current times and situations the Founding Fathers could not have predicted. Despite all the changes the Constitution has gone through, its core principles remain.
The authors of the Constitution set limits, which still apply to our modern day society, on each branch of government. These branches consist of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches. The Legislative branch is responsible for making laws. Congress is divided into the Senate and the House of Representatives, they cooperate to make and reform laws, as well as regulate taxes. The Executive branch is composed of the president, the vice president and the president’s cabinet, together, they approve or disapprove of laws. The president is also the commander in chief of our army, whereas the vice president must be ready to take the position of president if for any reason the elected president is unavailable. Finally, the Judicial branch evaluates and interprets the laws for real scenarios. The highest court is the Supreme Court, they control trials of a larger scale, however, there are also smaller

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