Evil Stepsister In Horror Story: Evil Stepsister

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Evil stepsister
Every so often you can end up being obedient to someone just out of fear. They can make you do things that you aren’t necessarily proud of just because you are afraid they might do something to you. This was the case with my older step sister Ali she was 9 and a troubled child who just got enjoyment out of messing with me and her younger sister Ashley she was 6 and I was 7. I only knew her for a couple years but I can tell you she was the evil step sister that you would always hear about in horror stories. Ali told me I had to help her do something to Ashley I was scared of her and I had to figure out whether or not I should help her or not. One day in the summer on a hot and sunny day, too hot and sunny to play
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I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t my idea and that I wasn’t even involved, but it turns out that my older step sister Ali told her mom it was all my idea. Finally, Ashley told her mom that it wasn’t my fault and that Ali forced me to help her. Ali got grounded for a week and I got grounded for a day, even on an awesome summer day we had to sit our dark room and stare at the wall the rest of the day until my father got home so that we could receive our spankings. I remember being so scared and not knowing what to do, I knew It wasn’t all my fault, but I also knew I did something so wrong. My mom called and told me how disappointed she was in me, she knew of how Ali was tough because by that point I have told her numerous stories of how mean she was to …show more content…
There was a window, but it was covered in a dark drape and we only got a sliver of light from under it and that is it. Ali told me that I should stop worrying and not really feel bad I told her she was stupid and we should make Ashley a card. I tried looking everywhere for paper and crayons, but we had none we only had a scrap of paper and a broken pencil. This house really wasn 't suitable for children it never had anything to color with or to play with, once my brother William even chased us around the house with a knife when he was two and my dad and stepmom were sleeping. I guess that I couldn 't really blame Ali for her behavior, maybe she was looking for attention or maybe as I said before the house wasn 't suitable for children. Ever since we knew each other she was always getting us in trouble, whether it was her writing my name on the back of my dad 's leather seat in the car or walking around the kitchen when he told us not to. I would follow her around because I wasn 't used to having someone older than me since I was the oldest in the entire family. I just thought that being older means that you would not allow something bad to happen to your younger sibling or cousin because that 's how I was so I trusted

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