Essay on `` Everyone Likes A Good Story '

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According to The Norton Field Guide to Writing, “Everyone likes a good story” (Bullock, Goggin and Weinberg 393), and this holds true to me. For all of my life, I have always had a love for reading and writing. When I was young, my mom would read me bedtime stories. Sometimes I would take my older sister’s books that did not have any pictures and pretend to read them, coming up with my own fantastical plots and imagining that was the story written in the book. I would also pretend to write my own stories by scribbling “cursive” on the pages of my old notebooks. In first grade my teacher, Mrs. Stumph, would allow me to read her Junie B. Jones books to the class. Sometimes, she would even let me read my own books aloud instead. Even though I already had a strong love for reading and writing, there was one person, Mrs. Kandel, that made me enjoy them both so much more.
In third and fourth grade, I had Mrs. Kandel for Advanced Language Arts and Math. One of the activities that we would do daily was free writing. During this time, we were given the opportunity to write about whatever we wanted. In the beginning, she would only give us five minutes. As the year went on, she would slowly increase the amount of time we had, until she would give us up to twenty or thirty minutes to write. When we first started to free write, it frustrated me. I never really knew what to write about. Sometimes I described the weather outside, or expressed if I liked the book we were reading in class.…

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