Don T Judge A Book By Its Cover

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Is a lesson that a lot of people have learned after they judge. Stories are also short stories not just to distract people, but also to teach something. In every single story, there is always something to learn. Stories can make people dream and imagine. It may also be seen and gain knowledge about other cultures in different aspects. The stories are sometimes made to understand and not just judge. Those words that are in the books can make people change their humor in one read. A lot of students do not read because they want to, but because they were told to read. For example, The Use of Force and The Lottery are stories that make people think and maybe learn a little bit about the old days. These two stories …show more content…
The patient is a little girl, from the beginning to the end the little girl does not let the doctor check her. Even though there is a sickness that is killing a lot of children and her parents beg her. The doctor must use force with the help of the parents to check her and to see if she may be infected with the sickness that some of her classmates may have died. However, the doctor does not have conversations with the other characters. Everything that is going on is in his head. At the end the doctor finally find out. Even though the girl was furious.
Even though the little girl from the beginning did not want any help from no one, the doctor did not give up. They did not know what she had but they were willing to never to give up until they find the true. The story tells us in a way that even though the patient never realizes or want to realize that her life was in danger there were other people that wanted her live and help
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When the old man Warner heard that other towns are deciding give up in the lottery he says, “Pack of crazy fools, listening to the young fools, nothing’s good enough for them” (4). Right there he is trying to say that an opinion of young people or other people are not valid at all. He is not trying to listen other opinions and closing himself. By doing this he is not just letting him grow but also other people from the town. If he would have at least heard the reasons of why, maybe he will understand and just already make conclusions. To add, if people evaluate the reason they will promote change. While waiting for their turn a couple on the back have heard that other towns have quit the lottery and they were commenting to the others by saying, “Some places have already quit lottery” (Adams 4). This tells that because of other towns are giving up in the lottery people from other towns are trying to also change that. Without noticing the other towns are promoting that change because what they did is going to different towns and people are thinking about it maybe changing as well. To conclude, by questioning their traditions people will find new things such as, they will know diversity more and change it. The gender role diversity for example in the story when Mrs. Dunbar appear to pick instead of her husband

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