Everyone Can Be Trapped By Addiction Essay

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Anybody can be trapped by addiction. Addiction is a habit of activity that targets and transforms people who have endured pain in their heart. There are a few factors that make some people more vulnerable to addiction than others. Moreover, Joseph Boyden depicts a certain character, Elijah, in the novel, Three Day Road, that is more vulnerable to addiction. Encountering bad experiences in one’s childhood, possessing a desire to fit in and a greed for power makes people more vulnerable to addiction.
People who have had traumatic experiences in their childhoods are more vulnerable to experiencing addiction. Elijah’s past was somber, lonely and unfortunate because he was raised in a residential school and grew up as an orphan. Growing up in such conditions lead Elijah to become more vulnerable to addiction because it made him want to escape the cruel life of his past and numb the pain inside his heart by using morphine. Furthermore, Elijah is more vulnerable to addiction because of his painful childhood growing up without parents or siblings. Due to the fact that Elijah grew up without a family, he never had a chance to experience love, a real family, kindliness, and warmth. This made Elijah more vulnerable to addiction than others because addiction is the result of trying to escape from pain. In addition, Elijah grew up in a residential school; a place of abuse, harassment and no freedom. Elijah was frequently abused by Sister Magdalene and Xavier remembers when he “looked up…

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