The Power Of Moorphine In Joseph Boyden's Three Day Road

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As suggested by Joseph Boyden in Three Day Road, the battle against addiction helped guide the course of restoring honour and certainty with forgiveness (healing), memories, and friendship. In addition to how morphine helped set the plot into motion, morphine also put a negative spin on the characters and plot. It is important for an individual to find healthy ways to heal after being exposed to such tragedies. When an individual overcomes these past adversities they will come to a new point of view in their life, such as Xavier had. Morphine corrupted Elijah and turned him into an emotionless killing sniper. He had soon lost his identity and consciousness. Elijah would use the morphine to escape the harsh realities of the present. Elijah was selfless as he only cared about war/killing and his reputation there, or the fame he received from it. The main protagonists in this book (Three Day Road), are Elijah Weesageechak and Xavier Bird. Joseph Boyden used these characters to set this plot into motion, on top of morphine's effects. In addition to Xavier and Elijah, Joseph Boyden used the story of Niska, which was told as she paddled Xavier home wounded after the war. One of the main protagonists (Elijah Weesageechak), …show more content…
If it had not been for morphine the plot would not have turned out the way it had. Meanwhile faced with life issues Elijah had turned to morphine, and was ultimately psychologically damaged. Joseph Boyden developed the idea that memories can be so detailed and structured that they can cause you to relive them. Memories and morphine aided in many adversities that these boys faced throughout the book. Joseph Boyden developed the idea that trauma of war affects everyone, during and after.Joseph Boyden developed the idea that trauma of war affects everyone, during and after. Xavier had learnt from Niska “that all of us someday will walk the three day road”. (page

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