Essay on Every Day David Leviathan Created A Character

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In the book, Every Day David Leviathan created a character “A”. A is not a girl or a boy; it is basically a traveling soul. Throughout the book, A is waking up in a new body everyday not knowing whose body he is waking up in next. A tends to fall in love with a girl, Rhiannon. A does not want to lose connection with her, even though she does not know what A really is in the beginning. She struggles though out the book to realize what A is trying to teach her. A is trying to show Rhiannon how love should be found from within the person, not the appearance, or having the same gender love each other, otherwise the love will be taken for granted. Some may argue that appearance does matter, because of physical attraction or having the feeling of being with someone attractive gives that person a mind set of “I have an attractive significant other that everyone wishes they have” when in reality no one really cares. Justin is the name of the body A woke up in, his routine is just going on with the day as ordinary as possible. When A arrives to Justin’s school he glanced at Rhiannon, not knowing that she is Justin’s girlfriend. After a while, A processed that Justin and Rhiannon are together, A and Rhiannon ditched school to go to the beach. A realized that Justin does not treat Rhiannon the best and A knew at that moment she deserves better, and that better is A. A stated, “And as we drift into sleep, I feel something I’ve never felt before. A closeness that isn’t merely…

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