Essay about Everest Simulation

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Leadership and Teamwork
A Reflective Report on the Everest Simulation
The Everest simulation used the dramatic context of a Mount Everest expedition as related to management concepts exploring the role of leadership, effective communication, and team work to achieve success. The simulation required students to work in cohesive teams consisting of five members, where each individual was assigned a specific role and a goal. The roles included the team leader, physician, environmentalist, photographer, and marathoner. Some goals were contradictory in order to assess how the team reacted to complex and sometimes conflicting situations. Before the actual simulation started, the group discussed the general approach and how to deal with
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The complexity of the available information reduced our ability to concentrate on the task at hand and resulted in costly mistakes.
2. Diversity: Individual team members communicated emotions differently through choice of words and physical gestures. These culture-specific emotions led to instances of miscommunication and misunderstanding.
3. Feedback: Members were indifferent to posted messages and feedback. For example, in the second round, the doctor tried to figure out who needed asthma medicine but stopped asking because nobody replied.
4. Leadership: Our leader acted passively and blended in with the other members. She could have been more influential by leading the discussion and giving concrete instructions. She did a good job of participating in the discussions but did not assert her role of higher authority.
Our team was both successful and unsuccessful throughout the simulation exercise. We achieved a little over 50% of our goals and only attained the weather and medical challenge. We thought we had a good strategy in place and a good team atmosphere going, but our understanding of certain situations turned out to be erroneous. I was the physician and although I participated actively in the overall team strategy, distributed medicine as needed, and managed to attain my personal goal of studying the effect of high altitude, I erred in the

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