Events That Occur In The Crucible Essay

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The events that unfolded in the crucible could be blamed on many. Many innocent people were hung because they were blamed of witchcraft. Now you could blame Danforth for his terrible judgement or even Hale for his false accusations of witchcraft but overall Abigail is to blame for the events that unfolded in Salem. She might not have made the final decision as to whether they died or not like Danforth, but she is to blame because she blamed tituba which started it all, she lied about seeing spirits, and just overall put the idea of witchcraft in to Salem.
Abigails accusation of Tituba teaching them witchcraft started it all. When Abigail knew she would be in trouble she immediately blamed her uncle’s slave Tituba, “Don’t lie! She comes to
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Her “seeing” spirits really sold the idea of Witchcraft to Danforth and the rest of the town. That was the only real “proof” that the court had. When Mary Warren admits her and the girls were pretending Abigail refuses to admit it and instead acts like Mary’s spirit is attacking her, “But god made my face ; you cannot want to tear my face. Envy is a deadly sin, Mary.(Miller)” This is one of many times Abigail faked seeing spirits to accuse someone of Witchcraft. This is a big reason many people are being hung because the court has no evidence besides Abigail saying she is seeing spirits. This just shows how much more worse Abigail made the witch trials in Salem.
The idea of witchcraft was always in Salem, but Abigail really made it big which in turn caused everything to unfold. Abigail first blamed tituba who then blamed others and eventually just created a whole domino effect on Salem. At the end of act 1, 9 people were accused of witchcraft. The reason these people were accused is all because of Abigail.
At the end many people are to blame for the crucible but overall Abigail is to blame. She started it all by blaming Tituba, acted like she saw spirits, and really just planted the idea of witchcraft in Salem. Without Abigail i feel like none of the events in Salem would have

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