Evaluation Of The Programme And Its Management Essay

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3.1. Limitations and assumptions
The evidence for the analysis presented in this report is limited by the information made publicly available by the BBC in its annual reports, from newspapers, online news, and the National Audit Office reports on the management of the programme.
Taking into consideration that the BBC is a public organisation, the Office of Government Commerce (OCG) guidelines (Prince2, 2009a) for public capital projects and programmes and based on the mention of terms such as ‘business case’ and ‘executive’ (Prince2, 2009b:21), a safe assumption can be made that a combined MSP- Prince2 methodology was used for the management of the programme and its projects. Nonetheless, the evidence suggests that the methodologies were only implemented after 2009 when a Programme Management Office was established (NAO, 2010).
3.2. Analysis and discussion
The task of creating and measuring value in public organisations such as the BBC is difficult. Public and private organisations create value, by using their resources to achieve strategic objectives and produce change (Klein et al., 2013). Organisational strategies are the content of change implementation and the factors surrounding and within the organisation constitute the context in which change is implemented (Kuipers et al., 2014).
In large public organisations with conflicting context - many departments, different interests groups and a complex governance structure…

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