Evaluation Of The Multiple Intelligences Assessment Essay

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I have taken several evaluations, including the Multiple Intelligences assessment. However, heretofore I had not taken the learning styles assessments. It is ironic that as an educator, I was focused on the learner, but did not consider my own learning preferences or edges. Consequently, I now understand to some degree how my learning preferences affect the way I teach. I definitely will endeavor to study more about the learning environments and how they contribute both positively and negatively to my ability to be fully engaged in the learning process. The assessments were quite interesting to me. I was surprised the Felder and Soloman assessment indicated of me a balance between active and reflective learner whereas Kolb’s assessment suggested I am more reflective. Contrarily, I am more of an active learner because I learn best when I can do something with the subject, like applying it to real life situations or discussing it with others.
The inconsistency between the two assessments may relate to the type of statements given and my interpretation of the individual statement meanings. The learning style assessment was correct in that I am a sequential learner. Subject matters taught in a logical sequence address my preferred method of learning. It is easier for me to grasp the material if it is taught in a logical, sequential manner. Sequential progression fits best with the way I like to learn. Environments where the teacher/lecturer or preacher jumps around from…

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