Evaluation Of The Evaluation Process Essay

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Record Review The evaluation process generally begins with a review of original documents of the structure. This can include design documents, plans, specifications, inspection reports or calculations. Some documents are filed with municipal entities before building permits are issued and construction begins. This process makes things easier when a problem occurs. Reviewing the original documents allows one to be able to determine where failures would occur if one has not presented itself yet or determine why a failure has occurred, making the problem easier to solve. This information may also provide details about structural capacity and loading on concrete, as well as thicknesses of slabs and members, which may aid in determining the cause of a failure. This is one step to a thorough evaluation, however, it may not always be possible since after time, plans get lost or owners change. Whenever possible, this step should be taken during the evaluation process.

Visual Inspection

Visual inspections are normally the initial procedure of evaluation used, as it determines that an issue is present and if further testing is needed. A survey should be done of all exposed concrete in order to visually evaluate the condition of the concrete structure. During the visual evaluation, the inspector will be looking for signs of defects that may require rehabilitation. Any signs of failure should be noted with a description and location. A map should…

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