Essay on Evaluation Of The Diagnostic Assessment

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To start the diagnostic assessment, we must consider that Annabelle has already been to a neurologist and gastroenterologist to help determine the cause of seizures and nausea. Thus, we will begin by examining the presence of a possible history of depression along with other symptoms. Psychomotor retardation, hypersomnia, decreased appetite, lack of interest in pleasure in activities, fatigue, and depressed mood are symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) (American Psychology Association (APA), 2013). Annabelle’s symptoms are creating significant distress and impacting her ability to engage in self-care and therapy. These symptoms been present for approximately one month and appear to be worsening. Meeting criteria A, B, and C while creating significant distress for Annabelle lends to a diagnosis of MDD. Since six of the nine criteria are met, it could be said the depressive episode is moderate severity and without a clinical history, it could be considered single episode.
In order to MDD to be present, there are several differential diagnoses which must be examined. Annabelle has not presented with any Manic episodes nor does she present with symptoms of bipolar d/o. Mood d/o does not appear to be due to medical condition. Attention deficit / hyperactivity d/o is unlikely due to psychomotor retardation. Annabelle has no history of substance or medication usage which could explain her symptoms. Annabelle’s symptoms of depression began well after the onset of her…

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