Evaluation Of Performance Appraisal Sessions Essay

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Depending on your organization, annual, bi-annual, or quarterly employee appraisals are done to provide feedback on employee job performance. While the initial purpose of appraisals, dating back to 1842, was to help people perform to the best of their abilities, it seems to have taken on a negative connotation presently. Many organizations will only hold performance appraisals when management is building a case to terminate someone. Given this, it is no wonder that performance appraisal sessions have an air of mutual dread around them. What many organizations fail to convey is that, “Performance appraisal is supposed to be a developmental experience for the employee and a ‘teaching moment’ for the manager” (Haden, 2014). But perhaps that feeling of ‘mutual dread’ can be swayed depending on the type of approach used for the employee performance review.
Different Approach for Different Folks
There are multiple approaches you can take when deciding how to institute performance reviews. With this being said, I am only going to touch on four of the most used methods. There is a traditional appraisal, or Manager/Supervisor Appraisal, whereby the manager sits down with the employee and discusses their performance over the past year. Typically, this approach uses a merit-rating system and is tied to a salary percentage increase. One flaw with this system is that it grants even the poorest performers an automatic cost of living increase. This, in essence, can create the feeling of…

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