360 Degree Feedback Disadvantages

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360 degree performance appraisal provides an opportunity for all levels of employees to express their views and contribute to the achievement of the objective of the organization. A number of distinct advantages can be realized from this type of assessment, and this technique has gained widespread popularity among small businesses. 360 degree feedback helps people get a broader how others perceive them and therefore motivates them to work harder to achieve organizational objective perspective. Feedback provides a more complete view of their performance. Here are some benefits of 360-degree feedback:-
 Creates awareness among employees and senior management
This feedback system creates awareness and a competitive spirit among employees.
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It can give a good ranking to those of his good books or it can classify employees based on their recent performance while waiting to be graded on performance throughout the year. This can lead to differences between the superior and subordinates. 360 degree feedback helps to create a climate of trust. Employees feel more free and work together to achieve the common goal if the feedback is positive. Employees tend to be more honest with each other and help each other.  Comprehensive analysis of the object
Comments are from many sources and each source has a separate relationship with the subject. So everyone gives feedback from their own point of view and their experience and expectations. "Supervisors, for example, can judge employees based on their production, while his fellow judge others based on their approval, supervisors and subordinates consider based on their equity." Thus, this feedback provides a comprehensive analysis of the person under examination and it has a positive impact on him and can make him change as
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We cannot say with certainty what kind of the effect will it have on employees and will it actually lead to positive change in people there is no evidence as such has been found to prove that managers in organizations using 360-degree feedback are more effective than their counterparts in other organizations.

 It is not futuristic
Past performance is not considered and such future plans are made using this method. Thus the data of past employees performance of last year may not be helpful in deciding the future of the action. As such future is uncertain if one can predict how employees will behave in the future and we cannot be sure they will act in the desired manner.

 It is a lengthy process
Compared to an individual communication, it is a process that takes more time. It consumes a lot of productive time of the employees that can be used for other productive work. If there is a lag of several years between changing the way we treat employees and their best scores result, most existing businesses and statistical process will never be able to prove a link and

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