Personal Reflection Of Performance Appraisals

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As I stated in my current performance management challenge for Personal Assignment #1, we are not meeting completion goals for appraisals where I work. We have established metrics for performance appraisals as part of our corporate objectives and ISO requirements. I report these out every two months. There are certain members of leadership who repeatedly miss review deadlines without consequences. A few years ago, merit increases were withheld for managers until their direct report reviews were completed, and increases were not retroactive. This was very effective in securing compliance. When the new CEO came in, he discontinued this policy. Some staff members have openly expressed disappointment that they haven’t been reviewed. They have stated …show more content…
I thought I had secured leadership buy-in for the change; everyone agreed that we needed a more robust program to meet our corporate objectives. The entire management team received training on the performance management process, including: how to cascade corporate goals down through the ranks, how to establish SMART goals, establishing employee training plans, and also, how to conduct the actual reviews. I coached some managers individually, and provided feedback on completed appraisals. I thought we were making progress away from a process solely focused on reviews toward a performance management …show more content…
I met one-on-one with the CEO and key executives to remind them of the importance of talent development and reviews. They acknowledged the importance and committed to progress, but for a few, their actions aren’t supporting their words. Consequently, their managers don’t follow through. Now I feel like their words have little value. My level of trust in these leaders continues to decline. As I stated before, I am walking a fine line; I need their support for other HR and safety initiatives. They aren’t held accountable. There are strong relationships to consider, but there are limits to how far I can

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