Team Interventions Case Study

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1. What is the purpose of a coach?
As the textbook said, coaching is when an individual helps improve another individual’s personal, interpersonal, or skill area, or to take action to reach a desired future goal, working with a facilitator on the process of personal change (202)
2. What do you think makes and effective coach?
I think an effective couch would have good communication skills, is able to encourage and support people, they take the time to listen, they build a positive environment, and they let people make their own decisions and not make them for the individuals they are coaching.
3. Think of two instances where you have given 360 Feedback and received 360 feedback. Share a story for both instances.
A time I have given 360 feedback
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Once a year the company would conduct a yearly evaluation. The employee would have to evaluate him or herself first and then the managers of the employees would evaluate them. The scores of both of the employee and manager would be calculated and these would determine the raise of the employee. The managers would talk to you about what they scored you and why they did. Another time I received 360 feedback is during group project we would sometimes survey evaluating our group members. Bad scores would affect the score of the individual on the project.
Chapter 11: Review the Team Interventions case on page 217. Answer the questions below:
1. Do you think the team 's problems are common? What are additional problems that teams may incur?
I do believe this team’s problems are common with other teams. Society’s views and wants are always changing, so organizations need to continually adapt to these changes to be successful. Additional problems that teams can experience are communication problems, unclear goals, disagreements, and contradicting actions of management.
2. How do you define a successful team?
A successful team is one who participates in decision making, everyone communicates frequently, there are clear expectations and goals, everyone knows their specific roles are, and everyone helps each other
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What kind of team is involved in your ODAR project? (pg.221-223)
The type of team that is involved in my ODAR project is a self-directed work team. The reason I believe this is the type of team involved in my project is because of me and my mom manage ourselves, we plan how we 're going to meet our goals, and how we 're going to accomplish this.
Step 2: Now, give us an update on your change by answering the following questions about your Organizational Development Action Research project:
1. What change are you developing for your organization?
The change I am developing for my organization is to increase the quality of learning activities in my mom’s home daycare, and the quality time she spends with the babies.
2. What steps have you already taken?
I have not been able to make any steps because all the children in the daycare and mom are all sick. So, they have all been really grumpy, sleeping all day, and not wanting to do anything. Hopefully by the end of the week everyone feels better and we can start on the improvements.
3. What new steps will you take this coming

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