Evaluation of Distribution Channel in the Dairy Industry Essay

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CHAPTER 1: THOERICAL FRAMEWORK 6 1.1 OVERVIEW OF DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL 6 1.1.1 Definition of distribution 6 1.1.2 Definition of distribution channel 7 1.1.3 Characteristics of distribution channels 8 1.1.4 The role of distribution in marketing: 10 1.1.5. Functions of distribution channels 11 1.2 CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION 11 1.2.1 Types of Channels of Distribution 11 1.2.2 Participants in distribution: 13 1.2.3. Structural features of channel 15 1.3 THE FRAMEWORK DESIGNING DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL 17 1.3.1 The content and characteristics of the distribution channel management: 17 1.3.2 Steps in designing distribution channel 18 1.4
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Construction management and distribution system 39 3.5. THE OTHER SOLUTIONS: 40 3.5.1.Promotion: 40 3.5.2. Communications policy 41

INTRODUCTION 1. Topic Since 2003, our country's economy has entered the integration of diverse variations of the global economy with more complicated as market supply and demand situation is not stable, and the fierce competition influences from the Middle East war. Our country initially implemented AFTA, CEPT towards the elimination of all restrictions to trade and tariff reduction schedule, the domestic production activities therefore also difficult in the next competition. Vietnam businesses face is facing a big chance from the process of international economic integration, on the other hand faces many challenges. As a new State company switched from the equitization in October 2003, specializes in production and trading of dairy products, JSC Vietnam Dairy Products (Vinamilk) does not stand apart from the general trend is the integration world and forced to accept tough competition from domestic and overseas markets. For years, Vinamilk has achieved positive results in the production and business activities, providing networking and consumer products throughout the nation, with two main distribution system are: traditional channels and channel customers exceptional customer; Vinamilk products accounted for approximately 55% - 65% of the national market for each commodity. However,

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