Evaluation Of A Survey At The University Of Northern Colorado

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1. I plan to administer a survey to approximately 150 undergraduate and graduate students under the age of 25 attending the University of Northern Colorado. The survey will be comprised of selected subscales from four assessments. Additionally, a demographic questionnaire will be administered. I will administer the survey online during the 2017 spring semester, which will take place between January and May 2017. Selected items for each survey and the consent form are included in Appendices A-F.

The results of the survey will allow me to examine characteristics of emerging adults (Body Mass Index, fitness levels, gender, psychological well-being, and social media behaviors) that contribute to negative (body dissatisfaction) and positive body image. As rates of body dissatisfaction in emerging adults ranges from 64-90% (Forrest & Stuhldreher, 2007; Mintem, Horta Domingues, & Gigante, 2015; Neighbor & Sobal, 2007) and undergraduate females are at a higher risk of eating disorders such as anorexia (American Psychiatric Association, 2013), there is a need to identify factors that contribute to negative body image in this population. The absence of psychopathology does not indicate wellness as such, understanding the factors that contribute to positive body image in emerging adults is equally important. Furthering this need, children and adolescents are experiencing increasing rates of body dissatisfaction and dieting behaviors (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016).…

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