Cultural And Ethnic Studies On Body Image

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The Study of Body Image from Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Body image is a psychological and personal representation of one’s own physique that includes someone who analyzes one’s body from head to toe. An image of one’s self can be implemented by both positive and negative thoughts of how people portray themselves. Generally, people struggle with their own physique because they want to live up to their societies standards. Because of this issue, both men and women torture their bodies to look like the image that they believe that the society will accept. An individual’s body image is not only influenced from society’s point of view, but one’s own self-esteem. Self- esteem determines how an individual feels about his or herself and can insinuate every quality of existence. While humanity plays a significant role on a person’s body image, it will constantly linger throughout lives and can be examined through media, biology, and cultural and ethnic studies.
Social Sciences Discipline
Media exposure has a clear affect of how a person views their body image. The media such as television, magazines, Internet, and movies depicts a clear image of how society endorses a certain body
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This culture has different customs and tradition on how they view a certain body image. There are diverse religions that exist in the Middle East, such as Christians, Jews, and Muslims. It is to be known that both women and men are shown to be on thicker than most cultures because of how they are raised. Being thick is a sign of beauty and strength in the Middle Eastern culture. For example, both parents and grandparents force-feed their children because they want their children fulfill that image. By being seen as thick, it demonstrates that both the parents and grandparents are not only taking care of their own body image, but also their children as

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