Essay on Evaluation Of A Student 's Self Evaluation

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The above formal assessment could be used for each individual student and starts by making sure that the class, assignment, and individual are all properly identified. This ensures that all students are assessed in the same manner, and that the evaluation can be filed for future reference (Ormrod, 2013) (McLeod, & Vasinda, 2009). Next are the objectives, teacher’s notes, and points earned section of the assessment. This covers a variety of tasks for each student to complete, making it a reliable source to check for consistent performance (Ormrod, 2013). Following the teacher’s assessment is the student’s self-evaluation. This gives the students a chance to express their thoughts, and take responsibility (Alkharusi, Aldhafri, Alnabhani, & Alkalbani, 2004). This also gives teachers an opportunity to use the information to build new goals for the student to work towards. By including both teacher and student perspectives, an instructor is better equipped to gauge student’s subject knowledge and identify issues affecting student’s ability to meet objectives. Formal assessments are not only useful for evaluating student’s abilities, but they can also be used to help in the future (McLeod, & Vasinda, 2009). However, because there are so many students, teachers need to have a way to organize their information. Especially if they use the same assessments for each student. This is why identifying the student, class, and date are all important parts of these assessments.…

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