Kenneth Lay Code Of Conduct

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Individuals behave differently depending on the issues they are faced with. People are socialized in order to accept different behaviours depending on the context. It is in order for business persons to be aggressive against their competitors, but kind and gentle to their customers. Considering the example of Kenneth Lay, being a simple man, he was also a man of integrity who never flaunted on the wealth he acquired. Despite this, he was described to be arrogant gambler because he took risks boosting the firm’s stock price above all other firms.
Kenneth Lay had many ethical selves. In some areas, he did good and ethical with many philanthropic efforts. It is worth noting that philanthropic should not in any way be associated with business activities. This has laid a basis of understanding that people occasionally divide themselves into multiple ethical selves and embrace different behaviours in
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Just like the parents cane the misbehaving children, managers should also take up the role of disciplining unruly subordinates. If any of the employees is going against the codes of conduct of the organization, the managers should take the responsibility of redirecting them. If the employees are engaging in bad conducts, to avoid bad and distractive reactions from them, discipline measures should be taken. But unfair and physical punishments should be avoided at all costs. It is evident that discipline produces excellent outcome if well executed. Trevino & Nelson (2010) argues that, if employers are faced with indiscipline cases, they should all be punished fairly depending on the levels of their misconduct, where the punishment should be consistent with the bad behaviour executed. As a result, the employees will situate that they adhere to all the organisations rules and ethics. Additionally, managers should situate that, no employees are punished for their good conducts or punished for another employees

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