Essay about Evaluation Of A Special Meeting On September 13, 5, 2016

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Now that we have had time to review the email sent by the HOA to homeowners on July 5, 2016, we would like to take the opportunity to look at some of the issues presented a bit further.

The purpose of the Special Meeting on July 13, 2016 was established to review and discuss the Director Selection Process.
It is a fact that Val Verde residents became concerned with the lack of enforcement of CC&R’s and dues, and steps were taken to join the Shady Oaks HOA.
The issue of a buy-in fee and concerns by the original Shady Oaks members that a new larger segment would take over the existing Shady Oaks HOA were raised by the original Shady Oaks HOA members. Based on those concerns, lets look further at the buy-in issue that has been raised.
After the original HOA was formed, were individual members of newly constructed homes assessed any type of buy-in to the HOA…...or, were they just required to be a member of the HOA and pay annual dues?
If there was no individual buy-in provision for those new residents, why would homeowners in what is labeled the “Val Verde” section of Shady Oaks be expected to contribute to a buy-in fee? It seems reasonable that each home owner would become a member of the HOA rather than thinking of Val Verde as a group that would join.
New homes, regardless of location, would bring additional revenue to the HOA for such things as common area maintenance etc.
As pointed out, the “Val Verde” section does contain approximately 43 more lots than the…

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