Evaluation Of A Project Manager Essay example

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As stated by Lester “a project manager may be defined as the individual who has the responsibility, authority and accountability assigned to him or her to achieve safely the project objectives with agreed time, cost and performance/quality criteria” (2007). As demonstrated by Lester, project managers can be found in almost any industry. They may hold the title of project manager or may only wear the hat of project manager while holding another title. It is widely accepted that successful projects start with successful managers, but what contributes to successful PMs? Evidence has shown that the authority, autonomy, and time management skills held by the PM may be of utmost importance, but what is not stated is the fact that the level necessary to be successful changes with different organizational structures. The effect of organizational structure on the importance the specific skillset will be discussed.
In a projectized organization, most of activity deals with project work instead of functional jobs. Projectized organizations have been found to have a high level of effective communication, project focus and integration (PMI, 2013). A projectized organization would be the ideal organization for a project manager to work in. In these types of roles, the PM has full authority over every aspect of the project. In addition, the project team will be usually focused on the project at hand, where all priorities and goals of the project are shared by everyone. The project manager…

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