Initiating Project Management Report

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A few years ago I started my own company. I have been trying to get it off the ground so that I can follow my passion not only as a small business owner, but as a program manager. I have held several project lead positions, but I have yet to attain the project manager position all though I have basically been running all of the projects I’ve been assigned. With that being said, I hope to soon be running my company and the programs that I can capture. Once I capture these programs I will assemble the right team to accomplish the specific projects.
The Initiating process
The initiating phase of a project is where the scope of the project is defined and the funding for the project is allocated. In this process, the project manager will be identified
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The team will then develop the course of action needed to complete the objectives. In this phase we will create the project management plan which documents the actions necessary to define, prepare, integrate, and coordinate all subsidiary plans (Project Management Institute, 2008). We will encourage the stakeholders to participate in the development of the project management plans and all other project documents to ensure they understand the project requirements and take some ownership of the …show more content…
In this phase the client or customer will verify that we have met all of the requirements set forth during the initiating phase of the project. During the closing phase we must obtain the customer acceptance, conduct an end of project review, record the impacts of the changes that occurred, document lessons learned, apply the appropriate process changes to the organization, archive relevant project documents, and close out any outstanding documents and payments.
The Project Management Plan (PMP)
The project management plan is a formal, approved document that defines how the project is executed, monitored, and controlled (Project Management Institute, 2008). The project management plan provides the project manager with approval to proceed and with the how to proceed to accomplish the project objectives successfully. The project management plan provides a baseline for the project team to begin tracking the schedule and funding. It also provides the team with the desired results for the project so they can work

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