Evaluation Of A New Member Survey Essays

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Generally on the last Wednesday of every month, GBTA sends out a New Member Survey to all new members who joined the previous month.
Each wave is fielded for approximately 7 to 11 days, with email reminders sent the Monday after launch.
Beginning in 2012, the New Member Survey sample is pulled to include the “Convention Bundles” and those who joined GBTA by paying for the Convention registration.
In 2015, modifications were made to the survey instrument. Three new questions were added and two questions were removed. Additional caveats are provided in the footnotes.
In general, readers should exercise caution when extrapolating or generalizing findings with fewer than 30 cases, as they may not represent the greater population of GBTA new members.
Full verbatim responses to all open-ended questions are provided in a separate document.

In 2015, three-quarters of new members report being highly satisfied with their GBTA membership (73%) while almost nine in ten would recommend joining GBTA (87%).
The recall rate of a welcome email remained stable (87%), whereas the recall rate of a welcome package in the mail dwindled (48%); overall, the majority of new members consider the frequency of communication they received from GBTA is just right (71%).
New members learned about the GBTA membership through their colleagues (39%) and companies (28%). Those who heard about the membership through previous Conventions, however, dropped significantly in 2015 (2014: 25%; 2015: 4%).…

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