Evaluation Of A New Employee Essay

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BSWH prides itself on providing an extensive orientation over the details and then also expects managers to on
board the new employees to his/her specific department and/or role. After all of the c ross - training has been completed there is a fundamental review for the first 30/60/90 day of employment. During this review, we call it a rounding session; questions are presented from both parties to ensure that the interview was handled well, the role w as explained with detail correctly, and that the new employee has all of the tools to fulfill the role. During this time it is important to ask if they have ideas that would improve the workflow of the office.
The leadership is always open to innovative methods that could improve and recognizes those people that formulate the ideas.
If a manager learns that someone was extra helpful to a coworker, the manager hand
writes a thank
you note and send it via mail to the employee’s home. Employees really like the gesture and have said very positive things about it.
They put a strong emphasis on providing excellent service to our patients and their families.
They recognize service excellence with monthly Service Excellence Awards
(SEA) of a $
100 American Expr ess Gift Card.
Then the top monthly award recipients receive a quarterly award from our CEO, which are $2,500 and a luncheon with the
CEO. Every two years, they conduct an employee survey and then share the results. A n action

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