Evaluation Of A Formative Assessment Essay

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When one thinks of education, we think of schools with organized classrooms, brightly decorated bulletin boards and students with the latest back packs lining the halls ready to start their day. But we cannot talk of education and schools without talking about assessments. Assessments are the means in which teachers determine if students have learned the intended objective. They are used for grade level placement, specific skill identification and even program and teacher evaluation.
Formative Assessment
Assessments cover a wide range of activities in the classroom including formative assessments. A formative assessment is an informal way to look at in progress indicators of student performance. Garrison and Ehringhaus, 2014, stated that, “when incorporated into classroom practice, it (formative assessments) provides the information needed to adjust teaching and learning while they are happening” (para.6). Teachers need to have a better understanding of where their students are at in their learning, and students need to be actively involved in the assessment process. Good formative assessments serve this purpose and in turn raises the quality of instruction in the classroom. It aids the teacher in making the best decisions when it comes to teaching and learning. Formative assessments gather information on student learning, and use the data to make changes to the instruction and learning in the classroom.
Using formative assessments requires a change in the belief and role…

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