Evaluation And Analysis Of Learning : My Mega Maths Lesson Essay examples

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Analysis and Evaluation

Evaluation and Analysis of Learning
My mega maths lesson was based on the theme shapes. I decided to use the shapes question for this particular week because the children had lessons on 2D shapes the previous week and would be able to use their prior knowledge to help them solve the problem in this particular question. Aubrey (2013) states that it is important for children to be able to access their prior knowledge and ongoing cognitive processing in every lesson. Teachers should be able to adjust tasks and lessons in relation to children’s needs, abilities, learning and prior knowledge (Aubrey, 2013).

The children used their knowledge of 2D shapes to help them to find all the possibilities. This lesson developed the children’s thinking and problem solving skills. Additionally, they developed their mathematical skills, as there were 2D shapes and adding involved in the activity. The children had to determine what shapes they needed to make the correct amount of sides in the jar. This shows that the children learnt how to add using other objects other than numbers. Montague-Smith and Price (2012) highlights the importance of problem solving in mathematical development. They believe that children need to approach problems in a variety of ways in order to complete the question and to make decisions about how they are going to solve the problem (Montague-Smith and Price, 2012). This indicates that children need to be flexible in the way they approach…

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