Evaluating The Strategic Planning Process Essay example

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The strategic planning process is key component in moving your organization forward in an efficient manner utilizing best practices methods. Strategic planning can make your organization more efficient, increase profit, increase worker productivity, or align all of your departments to be in-line with your overall strategic goals. A well-executed strategic plan can be the pinnacle which turns the entire culture of your organization around. Organization choosing not to participate in the strategic planning process faces the prospect of failure because they have no direction to lead the organization. Because the strategic planning process is so important you need to have a system to ensure your process is working, your goals are being met and your objectives are achieved. You have to be able to ensure the strategic plan is not failing or falling short. Often times during the planning and implementation process the plan seems very feasible however falls short. I will be talking about the evaluating the strategic plan and the importance this plays in making sure the plan is effective.
Evaluation and control mechanisms are set in place to inform every stage of the strategic management process. They are a means of collecting whatever information you may need to compare plans against the actual events of the implementation. This is done to ensure everything is working in accordance with the plan and meeting the goals and objectives. When you use the evaluation process to look at…

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