Essay Evaluating the Research Process

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Evaluating the Research Process
Rebecca Persinger
April 9, 2012
Donald J. Steacy

Childhood Obesity The author of this article talks about the increasing number of obese children in America and what it will take to have healthy and nutritious school lunch programs provided to school children. During a survey performed by the author on many children who are suffering from obesity in America and the health problems these unhealthy school lunches are creating, the lunches were analyzed based on content of nutritional value and how harmful school lunches are to children. The author suggests a more nutritious and healthy lunch will help children’s obesity decrease so children will not have health issues linked to obesity and
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Statistical procedures are defined by three types known as inferential, descriptive, and associative. In this scenario, descriptive statistical research is the most common because it carries out the analysis of obesity in children and the performance on how harmful school lunches are to children and obesity. The author could create statistical information for the analysis problem because primary data sources were used (Hooker, 2009). Unhealthy and nonnutritional school lunches and the increasing health issues caused by these harmful lunches was the statistical information collected in this analysis. The author could create numerical information regarding children and civilizations that have the most risk of becoming obese through trough statistical information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In this analysis there were comparisons between children from different ethnic backgrounds regarding the dangers of obesity, and it was determined that African American children and Latino American children were at more risk than White American children. The statistical information was provided by the National Survey of Children’s Health regarding the quality of meals given to school children during lunch and breakfast. Statistical information analysis is also introduced regarding different

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