Evaluate the Influences of the Two Major Theories of Ageing on Health and Social Care Provision

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The disengagement theory believes that growing old isn’t a nice, cheerful experience and that inevitably we end up alone. The theory was formulated by Cumming and Henry in the 1960s who defined how the relationship between older individuals and other members of society onto older individuals decrease in quality.
The Activity theory theorizes that when individuals engage and interact with their environment are all things that elderly individuals can be positive to their life and can be a positive sense of self, i.e. retiring may not be so harmful if the person actively maintains other roles, such as familial roles, recreational roles, and volunteer & community roles. They believe individuals should be encouraged to remain active & develop
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Residents staying in these care homes are generally older people who have health problems, suffering from dementia, joint problems and heart problems that affect their life style, generally making them become less mobile and less active as a result. There physical, social, intellectual and emotional development therefore suffers as a consequence.
For example someone with vision problem will be easily disengaged from the society as he believed it’s hard to have a full conversation with other people especially when you can’t see. Some older people get left out in nursing home and have less contact from families and friends when getting older. This can affect the ability to be active as they get very emotional and mentally stressed which is why they stay in their room and watch TV to entertainment themselves.
Having a disabilities problem like being on a wheel chair is also a problem, as they get less contact from others and there is not many activities they can participate in the care homes so they may reduced their social interaction. This can affect them physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally as they are not getting stimulated.
When older people feel have health problem like hearing, vision or disability, they feel like it is very difficult to interact with others. Especially if they have no support from their relatives and friends. This can cause emotional

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