Euthymol Toothpaste Marketing Report

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Register to read the introduction… Nowadays, it is not a well know brand of toothpaste. From the results, there are 16 (59%) respondents have never used this toothpaste before, so we decided it is at the point of decline in the product life circle.

Euthymol toothpaste has different taste and color between other brands of toothpaste. Most of the toothpastes taste like mints and the color is white. Euthymol toothpaste is one of the strongest tastes of toothpaste and there are no mints in it. Its color is bright pink, it makes this toothpaste special. As results of the survey, we can see that most of the respondents (48%) like the taste and color of this toothpaste, and some respondents do not care about them.

Euthymol toothpaste has an old-fashion and elegant packaging, because this packaging, it stands out from others toothpaste. We found that from the results, there are 16 (59%)respondents do not like the packaging of this toothpaste and 11 (41%) like the packaging.

Euthymol toothpaste has some competitor. As results of the survey, we can see that, Colgate toothpaste and Aquafresh toothpaste are the main competitors, especially Colgate. In the results, there are 12 respondents chosen Colgate toothpaste as their favorite toothpaste. It is about 44% of total
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From the survey results, most of the respondents think this price is average. And there 7 respondents think it is cheap and 8 respondents think it is expensive. As this result, we can see most of the respondents would not consider the price when they buy this toothpaste, because it is cheap. For these reasons, we can found out that Euthymol toothpaste is an economy product.

Euthymol toothpaste only sold in the UK, it is not a famous brand of toothpaste. It sold in some of the supermarkets, local stores and pharmacy. There are 72% of the respondents usually buy this toothpaste in Pharmacy. It seems not easy to find it in the supermarkets and local stores.

Euthymol toothpaste has not much promotion such as advertising, sales promotion and direct mail. From the survey results, we can see that advertising is the main promotion of this toothpaste, because there are 13 (50%) respondents know this toothpaste from advertising. And there are 8 (30%) respondents selected other, it means there are quit a lot of people know this toothpaste in other ways. For example, some people started to know this toothpaste from friends’

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