Essay on Euthanasia

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To die on one's own terms can be a boon, but... Death is never the first choice, and people opf for thts path only because fhere is none ofher left to fake. Euthanasia, or assisted sut'cide, has become a challenge that has put governments in variouscountries in a dilemna. ft is an issue fhaf has received widespreadaffention in recent years, and has been examined from a legal, healfh as well as religious point of view. llankind seems to be at the crossroads on eufhanasia, mercy kilhhgs. h!/hile we legalize aborfrbns for populafrbnconfrot, we condemnfoeticide as a crime. For fhose who do not want female kids, foeticide could look inoffensive. The debafe is influenced by our narrow selfish mofives. i4an, whefher in fhe
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These were made on fhe basis of moral, humanrighfs. and ufilifarian grounds. The moral ground is thdt it is againsf morality to leave someonein severe pain and do nothing for his/her relrcf. The humanrights angle is that leaving a pafienf in severe pain would amount

fo direcfly challengingthe fundamental right of fhe indiuidual i.e., the right to a dignified life. The utih'tarian principle believes in fhe greafesf degree of happinessfo the maximumnumber of people. According to this, if anyoneis ferminally ill. lying in hospifal and is in severe pain, then if would nof bring his/her fanily happinessand if will suffer because of his/her pain. So. utilitarnn fhinkers argue fhaf an acf or abstaining from an acf wht'chdoes not give happinessto anyoneis wrong. ON THE OTHE SfiDE OF THE COfiN, exercising the euthanasia opfion in any respecf may also be considered ffrong. Firsf of all. it is in confradicfion wifh the moral basis and beliefs of all religbns. Every religbn states thaf no one except 6od reserves fhe right to fake a person's life. Secondly, if prompfs docfors to go againsf their moral duty of always seruiqg and safeguarding fhe pafienfs irrespective of the severi| of fheir health. According to the utilitarian pnnciple, prouided fhere is a balance of pan over pleasure, acfive eufhanasia would be justified if if maximizes fhe beneflts for all, regardlgss of whefher the patient can or cannot

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