Essay about Euthanasia

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You have a pet dog that you love very much, but he’s sick. Really sick. In fact, he’s suffering on a constant basis. What do you do? Any ethical person would end the dog’s suffering by taking him to the vet and humanely ending his life. However, that same person would be forced to stand by and watch their spouse, parent, or even their child suffer unimaginable pain. The question is, why does our humanity have to go out the window when dealing with human pain and suffering? Modern government intrudes on our lives in such a constant and consistent manner that it even denies us the intensely personal choice of death when faced with a complete loss of quality of life.

The reasons behind this horrible reality are
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The right-to-die movement has been under way since the 1970’s. In 1976, Karen Ann Quinlan suffered a respiratory arrest that resulted in a persistent vegetative state. After it became evident that she would never recover, her parents decided to take her off the ventilator; however, the hospital and medical staff refused their request. Her parents asked the courts to grant them the power to authorize the ventilator's withdrawal. Almost a year later the New Jersey Supreme Court held that the state's interest in protecting Quinlan's life was outweighed by her right of privacy, given her poor prognosis and the invasion of her body that would be necessary to keep her alive. [2]

In 1983 the Supreme Court was hit with another case similar to Quinlan’s. Cruzan was twenty-five and was on a ventilator living off of feeding tubes. Like the Quinlan’s family the Cruzan’s decided it wasn’t fair to keep their daughter alive and have her suffer. The Supreme Court told the Cruzan’s they needed “clear and convincing” evidence before she could forgo artificial nutrition and hydration given her current state before her parents could remove the feeding tube. [3]

When the right-to-die movement gained major momentum in the 1990’s was with the help of

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