Euthanasia Essay

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( Euthanasia-Why it should be allowed? )

Title : Euthanasia- Why it should be allowed?
Specific Purpose : To inform my audience about definition, types of Euthanasia and the argument in favour of Euthanasia.
Central idea : Euthanasia proposed on three arguments in favour of it which are the good death, right to maintain human dignity and justice.

I. Introduction A. What is euthanasia? 1. The act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively
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She petitioned the courts to give immunity to her husband so that he can kill herself. At last, she died in hospital under the sort of conditions she had wanted to avoid ( Rsrevision, 2011 ). 2. Indignity includes being a burden to others, living a deteriorated state incapable of normal daily activities and having to be placed in hospital. 3. Certain chronic and terminal illnesses will result in poor quality of life.

C. Justice 1. Decisions are made to end lives of certain patients in situations where there are highest competition for limited resources in medical care. a. Case on Eugenic Program. In order to reduce welfare and medical cost, hundreds of thousands of incurable lunatics people with cancer be killed by means of morphins and rapid poison ( Haeckel. 1904 ). 2. Assumption that less valuable individuals should give up their places to persons who contribute more to society.

III. Conclusion A. Arguments for active euthanasia that are based upon moral or religious beliefs are impossible to resolve. All the arguments are more related to cultural values and practices. B. The acceptance of Euthanasia is more to weighing society’s obligations in providing easier access to death against society’s obligations in providing the means of diminishing pain.

References 1. L Mishara. (2011). Euthanasia. Encyclopedia of Death and Dying.

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