Euthanasia Essay

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Haiyan Piao
Michaela Vargas
English 120
May 9, 2012

As a human being

As a human being, people who agree with euthanasia should shame on their ignorance about evolution of human kind. I know that this would be quiet mean to say, but I will be willing to blame them for our future generation. Important thing that people should keep in mind for human kind is that we obviously could not have been evolved as an intellectual human without respecting of human life. Since primitive era, human kind has kept trying to develop the human value by improving our livings; technology has made human living better and more convenient. As technology has become tremendously beneficial to us, our value of lives became more noble and
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Voluntary euthanasia is that patients can decide to end their life by themselves. Non- voluntary euthanasia is that patients is not available to decide whether they want to die or not because of being paralyzed; some patients even don’t have family to take care of them.
Involuntary euthanasia is that patients are not involved to decide (Morrow Angela, 2009).
No matter what kind of euthanasia is, anything related to euthanasia which is against nature should be abandoned. The following table is a survey asking “How many doctor agree that euthanasia should be allowed”

Figure I (Voluntary Euthanasia Survey- Summary Findings)

As you see Figure I above, you can know that majority of doctors actually agree with euthanasia.
From this fact, we should know how disaster is going to be. Accepting euthanasia will cause not only devalue of human life, but a disorder of a society. If we accept the law, we will confront with numerous protests held by religious people such as Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu. There are a large number of religions in the world. As you see Figure II below, almost 90% of people in the world have religions, which directly means that 90% of people will disagree with euthanasia. Hindu said that most Hindus would disagree with euthanasia because this is going to cause

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