Euthanasia Is Not The Solution Essay

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Between 1990 and 1998 Dr. Jack Kevorkian earned the nickname Dr. Death after taking the lives of 130 willing patients. His first patient, Janet Atkins, died in a bed in the back of his Volkswagen van parked in a campground near his home, and from then on there was no shortage of patients for Kevorkian to see. There is only one explanation as to why people wanted to die this way: it was better than the deaths they were promised by their terminal illnesses. Arrested and trialed many times, Kevorkian was not fazed by the government’s attempts to stop him, however as time passed the doctors actions became more erratic. After attending court in colonial-era clothing to symbolize how out of date he believed that laws were, he was finally convicted when he chose to defend himself in court (Schneider). This style of euthanasia is not the solution. No patient should be forced to succumb to death alone with a crazed doctor, but due to restricting law many who did not wish to suffer through a painful death felt like there was no other choice. Everyone deserved a peaceful death without physical or emotional pain, at home surrounded by loved ones. A far more civilized practice called Physician-assisted suicide has since become legal in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Montana and New Mexico and California is on the right track to become the next state to give suffering people options. Due to the limited time in which the issue effects people it is often ignored, however, it is vitally…

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