Euthanasi The Wonders Of Euthanasia Essay

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The Wonders of Euthanasia There are many people suffering from terminal illnesses every day and want it all to end. However, they probably don’t want it to be a slow painful death. However, their family probably doesn’t want to watch as they loved ones slowly die. I feel as though if they could have a painless death, they would take it. The solution is euthanasia or physician aided suicide, it is the easy way out, painless and quick. There are only six states to where you can get euthanasia, but there are requirements to get it. Euthanasia is also frowned upon by religion. However, non-religious people have different opinions. Everyone has the right to end their own life, especially when they know that they only have a certain amount of time left to live. If they are suffering, then it should be their own choice. Nobody wants to prolong their life if they know that it’s only going to be pain and suffering. However, some physicians may not want to because they must live with the fact that they are killing someone. Some may consider it as murder while others may think it is mercy. I believe that they have the right to end their own life, nobody wants to go through life just knowing that they will have to suffer day by day, so just let they end it. What is euthanasia? Euthanasia is a deliberate way of killing someone to put them out of their pain and suffering from an incurable disease that will lead to an inevitable death. There are two types passive and active. Passive is…

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